PR & Marketing

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Throughout the year I am one-third of the fantastic Storytelling PR.
Alongside Miriam Attwood and Miriam Black, we work with incredible theatre companies like Briefs Factory, Hot Brown Honey, 2 Destination Language and Darkfield. We also look after the PR for Edinburgh’s brilliant multi-arts venue Summerhall, managing their press office during the Edinburgh Fringe.
We get to see lots of amazing work and have a great time doing it.


In 2018 I managed the Scottish PR for the Into Film Festival, the largest free film festival for children and young people in the world, run by education charity Into Film.
Into Film is an organisation very close to my heart. I worked there in a permanent capacity for over three years whilst still down in London, during which time they grew phenomenally and were able to impact the lives of millions of young people across the UK.
The Festival is one of their flagship events, and I was delighted to play my part this year, securing a national media partnership with The Herald, a fascinating feature with distributors Park Circus on BBC Radio Scotland, the lead film story in November’s issue of The List, and much more local coverage all over Scotland.