Jingles, themes, hooks


I produce high-quality, bespoke instrumental music from my home-studio in Edinburgh. Have a listen to some examples below. I work on a sliding scale from project to project, so if you’re looking for something for your radio show, podcast, short film or commercial, get in touch.


Mundial x Spotify: GIANT

I love Mundial. Their magazine is consistently brilliant, their socials are funny, they’re all good people, and I was really pumped when they asked me to work on the music for their Spotify produced podcast GIANT. Six episodes each on a different aspect of football history: the rise of the MLS, the growth of the women’s game, AFC Wimbledon, Arsenal and United’s great rivalry, Ronaldo’s origin story. It’s all great. I composed an overall theme which bookends each episode, plus some musical variations on that theme, and then different musical interludes for each episode based on episode synopses and excellent guidance from producer Tayo Popoola. Lots of samples mixed with original recording. Listen to the series on Spotify.


The School For Dumb Women

The School For Dumb Women is funny, irreverent, and very, very dumb. Caroline, Alex, and Hannah have such unique voices on this show so it was important to create a set of music that they could easily dip in and out of, and kept the tone flowing. Being “funny” in music is hard! One way to try and do it is to throw a few clashing things together, so that’s why this has weird processed funk bass, mandolins, and me singing a very dumb melody.

Desert Island Dicks

Desert Island Dicks is like a cross between Desert Island Discs and Love Island. The tone was something fun and catchy, so we ended up with this jangly, Vampire Weekend-esque thing, that incidentally I think I’ve been trying to find a use for since I was about 15. Obviously it was just waiting for a) the medium of podcasts to be invented, and b) this one to come along.

Sentimental Garbage

Took a slightly different tack for this bookclub podcast focusing on commercial women’s fiction. One of the early guides was Rilo Kiley’s Under The Blacklight album, which is kinda Motown-meets-indie. Tried my best to ape the guitar sounds on the theme and advert sting here. Am reliably informed guests are made to dance to it when they do their recording, which is all I want really.

Past Tense Podcast

This history podcast runs you through the British Civil Wars, and so the musical brief was something British and march-like. Seth Lakeman’s “The Riflemen of War” was given as a starting point, so I ran with that. This uses all acoustic instruments — guitar and mandolin leading the melody — with some processed vocals giving it a bit more space.


We approached Harry with a brief that was vague, not being musical ourselves at all. However, with no more than us handing over a song, the dreaded “not this but like this” and the summary of our podcast, he gave us a finished file that was exactly what we were after. When you’ve not got much at your disposal, or that long in terms of time, to establish the tone of your podcast, a strong theme is essential and Harry delivered just that. He is also plain lovely to work with

— Emily Benita, Feasibly Productions
Harry has a sixth sense with podcast jingles which allows him to just ‘get’ the vibe you’re going for, and translate it into a perfect piece of music. His intros and interludes are also worryingly catchy - people have told me that his jingle for School for Dumb Women is their favourite part of the podcast, which would be insulting if it wasn’t so damn good.
— Hannah Varrall, Producer (School For Dumb Women, Sentimental Garbage)