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Photo by Mihaela Bodlovic

Photo by Mihaela Bodlovic

Harry Harris

Hi. I’m a journalist, copywriter, PR, social media planner and music producer and composer originally from Wales, now living in the really very brilliant city of Edinburgh.

I have worked for places like Into Film, Zealous, Storytelling PR and Pact Coffee, and written for VICE, The Pool, MEL Magazine, New Statesman, and The Skinny, to name a few. I’ve also created the soundtracks for some very cool indie podcasts. I’m a singer/songwriter too.

When I’m not doing any of this stuff, I’m usually cooking, trying to keep the plants I’ve bought alive, or running around Holyrood Park. But also, if I’m not doing any of this stuff, then that’s by accident rather than design. I’m always available to chat about new projects, and am comfortable working remotely too.



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